Adrian Grey, Veteran CG Supervisor & 3D Generalist //--> Adrian Grey, CG Supervisor & Generalist

Adrian Grey is a CG Supervisor, Creative Lead and 3D Generalist with 20 years of experience in commercials, video games, television and film.

Adrian got his start in 1993 developing interactive multimedia for the US Forest Service's community outreach.  Thanks to their relationship with Eastern Oregon State University, he was soon working with the Oregon Education Network, learning the audio-visual trade and creating broadcast logos for facilities across the state.

In 1997 he got his big break at Will Vinton Studios (now known as "Laika Entertainment"), creators of Claymation, The California Raisins and the M&M's Candy characters.  Within a year he was the Senior Technical Director and Lead Artist on the M&M's account and worked with their agency, BBDO, to design and animate the new orange guy, "Cripsy M&M".  In addition to M&M's, he supervised the CG production for scores of other commercials and was the first to combine stop-motion with CGI character animation, a process he & his team developed and debuted in Chili's "Awesome Blossom" commercial in 1999.

Adrian eventually moved on to create video game content for Westwood Studios, built the CG department and image pipeline for Bent Image Lab and then moved to Berlin to write music, screenplays and stories.

For the past 8 years Adrian has worked in Los Angeles for world-class studios like Digital Domain and Zoic, concentrating on video game cinematics and trailers.  He developed key looks for the "Gears of War 2" trailers, headed the art team on the "Army of Two: 40th Day" trailer and was the CG Supervisor for all 90 cinematic shots of "Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure."   In addition, he supervised the photo-real CG deers for the movie "Straw Dogs" and does music video VFX for Adam Lambert, Korn, Diddy and others.

Adrian Grey's latest focus has been on authoring digital tools and workflows to maximise production efficiency.  His goal is to bring Hollywood-quality animation to a broader client base.