Adrian Grey, Veteran CG Supervisor & 3D Generalist Adrian Grey, CG Supervisor & Generalist

3D Services

Adrian Grey offers full Generalist services with over 20 years of experience.
Specialities include:

Texture Painting
   (PS, Mudbox & algorithm-augmented textures)

  Deep & glorious networks
  Animated/interactive shaders
  Front-end controls for big networks

  Hard-surface specialist
  Character modeling, including blend-shapes & expression libraries

  Gorgeous creative lighting
  FX-based lighting
  Render optimization & trouble-shooting
    (mentalRay, Vray, Arnold, PRman for Maya)

Full Look-Dev, from assets to previs to style sheets.

Mel & Python Scripting

Mid-Level Particle FX

Technical Direction
  Tool development
  Workflow development
  Fixing what breaks

2D Services

Comp & FX:
  After Effects
  Digital Fusion

  Final Cut

Paint & Design:
  Corel Painter

Big Boy Services

CG Supervisor

  Adrian Grey has been leading and building jobs since 1996.  He knows a little bit of everything and a whole lot of most things.  He brings all that knowledge and skill to you, your crew and your production.

Creative Lead

  Working alongside a CG Supervisor, Adrian can fully concentrate on the artwork and the artists.  He has a unique ability to understand the visual language of the spot, be it the Director's vision or the agency's target audience.
  Adrian makes good things come to life.  He shows artists not just how do it, but theories behind it and how they can make the tools their own.  Working with Adrian, everybody finds their skills broadened and strengthened.

Job, Pipeline & Department Build

  Adrian Grey's Technical and Communication skills extend far beyond CG.  He can help you budget and build your job, find and select the best people, optimize your operations and understand future trends.
  Adrian has worked with advertising agencies and clients for 17 years in character developent, department building and campaign building.

  Starting your own thing?  Adrian Grey is available  for developing new projects in Animation & Media.